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New! Do it Yourself Flag Kit!

Let Freedom Ring! Perfect for the summer Patriotic Holidays or leave up all year round!


Make your own flag sign! Paint or stain it your way!

Pieces are all pre-cut and labeled for paint color designation...

Flag size is 17.5"x9.5". Finished size is 18.5"x10.5 with frame.

Flag pieces made from 1/8" Sanded ply-wood.

Backer board is 1/4" plywood.


These are not painted, stained or assembled 

you will need to paint, stain and glue.


Red, White and Blue paint colors of your choice-We recommend acrylic paint.

Foam Brushes, Cosmetic Applicator Wedges or Baby Wipes to achieve a Translucent look

Wood Glue



Easy to follow directions with a key for paint and placement.

DIY Flag Kit-Rectangle 18.5"x10.5"

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